Technology Cloth Series

Functional fabrics made of ultra-high-quality raw materials, combining performance and technological innovation. Functional fabrics made of ultra-high-qualit

Technology Cloth Series
K303  Microfiber Leather

The super technology of the Ministry of innovation and technology uses the new super fiber base material, and the advanced application of new materials and new technology breaks the boundary between leather and cloth, surpasses the elastic muscle touch of leather, three-dimensional litchi embossing and realistic leather feel, so as to realize the combination of innovation and luxury and achieve a perfect new realm.

K455  Glittering

K480  Rhino

K217  Claris

Using advanced ecological bionic technology, the cloth has the texture and sense comparable to that of leather. It is soft and delicate, with uniform pores, which is almost comparable to that of first-class leather.

K291  Smoke

The vivid charm of ink painting and the wanton natural and unrestrained transition between writing have become the most colorful pen. Inspired by the beautiful rhythm of ink, the fabric combines the pen and ink atmosphere with modernist simple home, and inherits the classical culture in a new fashion design way.

K357  Versailles

Inspired by the characteristics of Versailles leading fashion and historical trends, the designer means to apply the luxurious and precious culture of Versailles to our modern style home space to create a sense of artistic luxury with both modern style characteristics and Versailles. The fabric leather is flexible and shiny, and the advanced feeling is ready to come out, instantly improving the sense of spatial hierarchy.

K392  Microteaching

Visual art is added on the basis of the previous comprehensive leather, presenting the concave convex small checkered small texture on the fabric, making the traditional comprehensive leather have a new sense of fashion, and its feel is soft, waxy and thick. From a distance, its color and appearance can be comparable to that of real leather, and from a close look, it has fashionable checkered small texture. It is a new comprehensive leather integrating appearance and feel. It has good physical properties, Shrink proof and wrinkle proof, stable shape, can be matched with all kinds of modern fashion home space.

K409  New vision

Although living in this troubled and colorful world, there is always a heart thinking of new feelings. It combines the texture of traditional science and Technology cloth with brand-new leather texture, which makes the perfect collision between tradition and innovation. After busy work, returning home puts you in a new situation. Gently brush the sofa, the high-grade leather without losing the soft texture, giving you the most comfortable living space.

K411  Cluster

Through artistic inspiration, the designer perfectly displays the delicate texture of it on the cloth through special embossing process, which not only retains the thick leather feeling of the original fabric, but also has a great artistic visual effect. The fabric is matte and semi gloss leather, solemn and elegant, highlighting the simple and modern style of Italian style. Through embossing, compounding and sand washing, the shading makes the hand feel infinitely close to the texture of leather, but the price is less than half of that of leather. At the same time, we have added fashionable Avocado Green and other colors to the colors, which are rich and pure, and can meet the diversified choices of customers.

K412  Blend

With integration as the center, the designer made a combination of small texture of surging rivers and embellishment printing and ironing technology, showing us the beautiful blend of the great rivers and mountains of the motherland and all things in the world. The cloth surface is full of plush feeling, comfortable and thick. The small mechanism cloth surface gives people visual impact, excellent physical performance and waterproof

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