Coarse Linen Series

Functional fabrics made of ultra-high-quality raw materials, combining performance and technological innovation. Functional fabrics made of ultra-high-qualit

Coarse Linen Series
G229  Clover

This is a medium coarse texture linen cloth with high market acceptance. It is woven and blended with coarse and fine yarn of the same color system to create a natural and durable visual sense of cotton and linen. Pure plain cloth surface is cool and clean, with comfortable skin touch, without the itching feeling of natural hemp fiber. It has excellent physical properties, durability, no pilling, no fading, wear resistance and moisture absorption. The color adopts the simple and elegant color system with high market acceptance, which is suitable for matching with various home spaces.

G336  Army

The biggest feature of this fabric is the perfect staggered interweaving of wool and hemp, which not only has the soft texture of velvet, but also has the breathable and crisp characteristics of hemp. The military spirit perfectly interprets the excellent characteristics of this fabric, such as wear resistance and washing resistance.

G502  Paddock

The designer stands in the field, far away from all the noise and complexity, and injects this emotion into the fabric. It also reposes the feeling of finding a spiritual habitat for yourself under the compact rhythm of contemporary life. Integrated into the home space, it also brings the feeling of tranquility and Zhiyuan. The fabric has a strong sense of texture, but it is soft and has good physical properties. It is a good choice for modern home space.

G597  Water

The designer takes the continuous River as the design element and displays the river through lines, which seems to move rather than move. The fabric adopts special wrinkle technology, with strong concave convex feeling on the cloth surface, but without losing softness, which is suitable for modern fashion home space.

G282  Randy

G368  Tisci

V267  Roheme

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