Zhejiang Ainuo Textile Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2009, is located in Xucun Town, a famous textile town in China. It is a home textile enterprise specializing in the production of sand release, decorative cloth, curtain cloth and other textile fabrics and forming a unique scale. It covers an area of more than 30000 square meters, with total assets of US $100 million and annual sales of US $40 million. It has more than 60 Italian jacquard looms and advanced printing and stamping composite finishing production lines. The company has advanced printing and bronzing composite finishing production lines, with a daily production capacity of 50000 meters of various fabrics.

AL417  Cloud

Through special processing, the cloth surface presents the effect of clouds and vortices, forming a new visual point, which is suitable for all kinds of space collocation, low-key but not personalized.

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